West Coast Masters Cycling Council

Event Results - 09 June 2019
Club Race

Graded Scratch at Pickering Brook

big thanks to all the riders and officials that turned up today despite the poor weather
WCMCC Road Season 2019 Points
A Grade: A 76k (10L) B Grade: B 68k (9L) C Grade: C 61k (8L) D Grade: D 53k (7L) E Grade: E 38k (5L)
in1h 52m 56s36.8
1Jon Gregg(5)kit
2Brian Sing(7)
3Daniel Griffiths T(9)kit
4Tom O'Neill(4)kit
5Colin Rose(2)
6Mark Hamill(1)kit
+5m 09s
7Gavin Wark(8)
in1h 57m 00s35.5
1David Sofield(56)kit
+0m 12s
2Patrick Woods(51)kit
3Paul Borrett(55)kit
4Neil Roscoe(52)kit
+6m 19s
5Darren Kinsella(54)
6John Liso(57)
7Kevin McIlduff(58)kit
8Garry Horsfield(53)kit
in1h 37m 18s33.2
1Keith Hickey(106)kit
2Graham Gardner T(109)
+2m 22s
3Nick Vroomans(104)
4Andrew Stevens(107)
+2m 26s
5Neil Vroomans(103)
+13m 59s
6Damien Greig(102)
+16m 02s
7Vim Sephton(108)kit
DNFRichard Barville(101)
in1h 19m 22s29.1
1Mark Williamson(152)kit
DNFSam Bolton(151)
in1h 30m 58s25.4
1Bob Stephens(12)kit
+10m 13s
2Pat Briggs(11)kit