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Info for WCMCC editors

The website is built using boltcms, a light weight, programmable CMS allowing multiple authorised authors to contribute content. This page describes how boltcms has been configured to help WCMCC content managers maintain the information appearing on the site.  Please also see Bolt's more general manual for end user editors.

Site Structure and Permissions: The Menu and associated Pages form the structure of the site. Editors do not have permission to change this structure. Editors create or modify the Entry, FAQ and Sponsor information and may view Pages and the Racing data.

Entries: These are a general purpose content type. Entries provide the articles on the home page (set Taxonomy = 'homepage') and the headlines on the right hand side panel ordered by most recent Publish date.

FAQs: An faq will appear on the faqs page (More/Questions).

Sponsors: Editors may also maintain the Sponsor records which appear on the Pages. Currently (2019-11-24) these are displayed at random, with work ongoing to ensure any given sponsored event displays that particular sponsor. More sophisticated algorithms could be developed to promote the more recent and more generous. The logo should be 200x150.

Racing: These content types are used to manage the setup and reporting of the races. They are used by and relied upon by the software on the nominations laptop and are not editable by Editors.

NB: This page is open to the public, so please exercise due caution when creating tips.


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