West Coast Masters Cycling Council

Rules and Safety

All riders should be familiar with the AVCC Regulations.

In particular, riders should be aware of the following provisions:

6. Equipment and Clothing
b) 'An Australian approved and securely fastened helmet conforming to standard AS/NZ/2063 must be worn on the head at all times while riding'.

Conforming helmets will have an Australian Standard sticker inside the helmet. Please be aware that helmets sold overseas, including online stores, do not need to meet this requirement. An online bargain helmet may not be legal for use on Australian roads.

8. General Racing Rules
a) All competitors must abide by State/Territory traffic laws,

When racing on open roads, and not abiding by these rules, you are riding illegally and in contravention of AVCC regulations.

This may invalidate your insurance, make you personally liable, damage our sport and put racing at risk.

Failure to observe the rules can result in you being excluded from racing.

In the interests of everyones' safety and enjoyment of racing, the club is encouraging riders to comply and will be conducting spot checks.

Shop for a AS/NZ/2063 helmet, obey the road rules and enjoy racing.

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