West Coast Masters Cycling Council

Do you have coffee?

Do we have coffee… do you really need to ask? We are cyclists, don’t forget.

How long are the races?

It depends on which grade you’re in, the higher the grade, the longer the race (we want you to get your money’s worth!).

Do I have to have an AusCycling license?

No. We are affiliated to the Australian Veteran Cycling Council, which is completely separate from AusCycling. After your free trial ride/s, you will be asked to join West Coast Masters through the AVCC membership portal.

Do men and women race together?

Yes, they do, it’s about matching riders of similar abilities, rather than separating the genders. But don’t worry, our female members are lovely and will be nice to you.

What equipment will I need?

You need a road bike, with clip-in pedals. No tri-bars, pumps or extra bits (saddle bags and rear lights are OK, but please turn your lights on solid, rather than flashing). Cameras are allowed with the referee’s approval. And of course, you’ll need a helmet. And a really cool pair of sunglasses. 

What experience do I need?

We ask that you’ve done some group riding so you feel comfortable in a bunch but you don’t need to have raced before. If this is your first time, we’ll ask you what your average speed is in a group, so we can put you in the right grade. If this is your first race, let our friendly handicapper …

But I’m not very fast, can I still come?

Absolutely. We offer graded racing, ranging from A grade (the fast boys and girls) to E grade (the…ummm… slower boys and girls), so we’ll match you with people of similar ability.