West Coast Masters Cycling Council

Teams Competition

Get a team jersey, race in a team, win medals

The club team competition scores points in parallel with the individual points competition. A "team" consists of riders wearing jerseys of the same design, racing in any grade. If you race in a team jersey, and wish your results to go to that team, you need to ensure you are associated with that team when you nominate. Just ask at the nominations desk.

The points competition will count the best three individual scores of team members on each day, regardless of which grade the team members raced in. (So winning three of the grades gives maximum points.)

Medals (up to ten) and bragging rights to be awarded to the winning teams in each competiton.

* A team association applies if a jersey appears next to your name in the results.
* A team association will apply until you change team or ride individually.
* You can change your association at the nominations desk.
* We do not back-date changes of team to past events.

To register a team, or to change team details, email us with the team name, a short description, artwork or photo of the design, contact information or link to webpage and information of how to join, or whether membership is by invitation only.
- see registered team examples below
Team registration is free.


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